The company

A team of people passionate about knowledge acquisition enabled by digital technologies. We provide high value-added services to our clients and strive to develop amazing data-driven products.

Mitch Kapor said that getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. We tested it, and is true! At Ingenio we work to improve communications, focusing on demanding audiences surrounded by data.

We generate digital interfaces for targeted end users. Our key deliverable is software.

who we are

Development + Analysis + Design + Usability + Communication


David Cabo

Co-founder and head of product development

Is a top-notch software engineer and a psychology major with an outstanding track record in key project delivery for international clients.

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Jacobo Elosua

Co-founder and head of business development

Is an international business, law and economics major with longstanding experience in the global professional services industry.

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Santiago López

Head of R&D in communication & creativity

Is an outstanding disrupter with strong international experience managing large scale projects.

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affective network

People we love to work, share and learn with.

We believe in Open Data, Transparency and Participation. We support

talent & careers

Nonconformist people, come in.

We always search for coders, designers and other professionals who believe in their enormous potential to improve the world around us.

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